About Jayveeque Italian Greyhounds

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Type, Quality, Consistency & Temperament.


JVQ is a prefix that has been synonymous with quality for over 40 years. JVQ began when sisters Jackie & Vivian (RIP) started to breed Quarter Horses. JVQ has been the top producer of quarter horses for many years. 

 In 2010 Jackie got her first Italian Greyhound and fell in love with this amazing little breed.

In 2014 Jackie joined forces with Sandy & Mike Reeve under the world renown prefix Piccino as her first import arrived from America. As they say, the rest is history. together they have gone from strength to strength breeding consistent winners in the show ring at Best in Show level in both All Breeds and Speciality shows.

In 2022 Jackie has returned to her beloved JVQ - Jayveeque - prefix to continue the legacy


The Italian Greyhound is an exceptional breed with a charming, affectionate, and amusing personality. These hounds have the ability to completely captivate their owners, they certainly have with us!


JAyveeque Italian Greyhounds are members of Dogs NSW, number 2100096205, and abide by Dogs NSW code of ethics. 

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